Global Sourcing

Our mission is to construct a global supplier network that supports Polaris in delivering the latest technology and innovation, class-leading quality, and industry best value to our customers. Each member of our procurement team has a direct responsibility in building this supply base architecture as well in collaborating with our supplier partners to ensure the strategic targets of new program velocity, responsiveness, delivery and cost performance of our business is continuously improving year over year.

Department Responsibilities

  • Relationship owner between suppliers and Polaris

  • Develop and execute category strategy

  • Lead supplier selection and management for New Product Launch and Value Improvement Projects (VIP)

Supplier Development

Our mission is to advance the value creation of our global supplier network through leading performance, improvement  capability enhancement of existing suppliers, and the qualification and on-boarding of new suppliers. Our team of Supplier Development Engineers and Supply Chain Trainers work directly with our global network of suppliers to ensure requirements compliance. Through ongoing collaboration we identify and execute performance and Value Improvement Projects (VIP).

Department Responsibilities

  • Enhance supplier performance and capabilities

  • Develop and execute the supplier stratification model

  • Qualification and onboarding of new supplier partners

Supplier Quality

We drive production process readiness and establish a reliable supply base. We partner with suppliers to ensure quality parts are received on-time to support the development and production of Polaris products.

Department Responsibilities

  • Ensure supplier readiness for new product launches

  • Drive resolution and corrective actions to quality departures

  • Proactively identify risk and drive supplier improvement to ensure Polaris customer satisfaction

  • Execute Safe Launch to mitigate risk during new product launches


Our mission is to provide effective and efficient delivery solutions to connect Polaris suppliers and our plants and distribution centers. Our dedicated logistics team and 3rd party providers work to optimize the efficiency of Polaris's global supply chain.

Department Responsibilities

  • Deliver supplier parts to plants and distribution centers to dealers on time, every time

  • Continuously improve our network cost and efficiency

  • Establish delivery expectations for suppliers