Onboarding as a Polaris Supplier. What you need to know:

Leadership Values & Our Code of Conduct

At the core of being a supplier for Polaris Industries are our Leadership Values and the Supplier Code of Conduct. These values represent the expectations for suppliers when doing business at Polaris and creating a sustainable partnership. Please take a moment to review the Leadership, Polaris Partner Values, and Code of Conduct

Supplier Manuals Reference

In addition to these values and expectations, the Supplier Manuals are the main governing documents for suppliers when doing business with Polaris. Please take a moment to review in order to further understand expectations in becoming a Polaris Supplier by clicking on Supplier Manuals in the Resources menu.


Interested in becoming a Polaris Supplier?

Polaris uses Zycus Supplier Network for potential supplier registration. Our category leaders will review the information and follow up with you if there is an interest in your offerings. No further contact or follow-up is needed on your part to determine our level of interest.