Polaris Industries has always recognized the value of our supplier relationships, which have been based on the concept of partnership. In an effort to continue to build stronger, closer relationships, we are pleased to offer the capability of transacting business electronically. Polaris supports two electronic methods of sending data: via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and via Active Orders, so that you can select the method that works best for your company. Polaris is excited about the benefits of electronic communication and hope you will view it as a strategy by which we can benefit jointly by gaining a competitive advantage.

If you are not already exchanging electronic documents with Polaris, please choose one method of electronic communication and contact purchasing.systems@polaris.com.

Active Orders

All suppliers are able to exchange electronic documents with Polaris using a third-party web portal called the OpenText Trading Grid Active Orders module.

To change your electronic communication option to EDI, refer to the "Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)" section below.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The primary benefit of EDI is the ability to integrate the data directly into your system, with no manual intervention. Polaris EDI transmissions follow the ANSI X12 standard. Polaris is able to send and receive secure EDI transmissions directly with your company or through a Value-Added-Network (VAN).

To initiate set-up, please fill out the EDI Set-Up Request Form completely and return to purchasing.systems@polaris.com.

Requirements of Exchanging Documents Via EDI

  • You must check for new EDI transmissions DAILY
  • You must send Polaris a Functional Acknowledgement (997) upon receiving documents
If Polaris needs to follow-up on unacknowledged documents repeatedly, you will be removed from EDI.
  • A Trading Partner Agreement must be signed and returned to Polaris prior to going live with EDI
  • Testing needs to occur before going live

Use the menus to view and download guidelines, specifications, and test files based on your supplier type.