Direct Supplier Onboarding

Welcome to the registration guide for Direct Suppliers. Follow the instructions by stepping through this guide in order to become a potential supplier. Before a potential supplier can be awarded business, they must complete Zycus user registration. If a business need arises, Polaris will review and contact potential suppliers. 

Polaris uses Zycus as its registration web application. Use the provided link on the next page to register in Zycus by creating a profile, answering a questionnaire and approving the Terms & Conditions. Add any contacts in Zycus you would approve for your Polaris representative.

  • Within 24 hours of receiving the activation email, select the link provided and log into your Zycus account
  • Fill out the Account Details & Settings form, select Submit
  • Select Polaris and select Let's Get Started

Once company registration approval has been received, an email (from will be sent. A Sourcing Representative will provide further instructions and request the completion of your supplier profile.


You are now registered as a potential supplier and will be contacted by Polaris if a business need arises. No further contact or follow-up is needed on your part to determine our level of interest.

Polaris will identify business needs based on the company's capabilities and select potential candidates. Information presented will better prepare companies to be selected. The Polaris Business Approvers will then promptly notify you with information for moving forward.

Pending business award, you will become a Direct Supplier and have an established relationship with Polaris. Direct Suppliers will be considered first for new business.